There is little distinction between my personal and my professional life, and here you can connect with me and find my footprint on the grid.

I’m from Chicago and live in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. I love spending free time exploring my neighborhood, going on adventures, cooking for friends, taking weekend trips to Key West, building legos, organizing things by color and chronology, reading French satire and 19th century Russian literature and playing Catan with friends.


14+ Years of experience in SEO/SEM/PPC, Copywriting & Campaign Development, Competitive Analysis, Market Research & Social Media Marketing


I’m a treasure hunting adventurer that uses multi-million dollar satellites to find tupperware in cities and woods all over the world


Visit bestbuddies.org to learn how you too can help support inclusive workplaces and friendship for people with intellectual disabilities



“Carmen Sigman’s work ethic, passion, creativity, and great attention to detail was obvious in how thorough and beautifully she built my website, implemented online purchasing platforms, and offered me consultation on how to increase sales through marketing avenues. This consultation helped increase sales all the while offering analytics to help target specific demographics and sponsorships. I couldn’t be happier with the product she created for me, or the quality of her personalized services which helped my business thrive. I honestly couldn’t have created my business without her.”

Jeremy Walker

Owner, Fire in the Mountains
“Carmen has her finger on cool and she epitomizes why anyone finds anyone else interesting. These are great qualities for brilliant minded person working in Web communications, Social Media and Marketing.”

Jack F.

President, J.M. Field Marketing
“Carmen has been instrumental in helping us grow through her expertise in content marketing, blogging and press releases. She is organized, always meets deadlines and is simply a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.”

Robert W.

Owner, Wachsman Inc.
“Carmen is a diverse talent with exceptional skills as a marketer and writer. Her work and guidance has helped propel my business forward. You would be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated and results-driven contractor in South Florida.”

Patricia T.

Owner, PJA Properties, Inc.